英國品牌 Baker street 新品上市
 NGO認證環境友善綠色工廠, 無童工, 勞奴
 超簡易註冊, 單頁式快速結帳



  • iPhone X 透明
  • Iphone X 流沙銀
  • Iphone X 流沙玫瑰金
  • iPhone 7 / iPhone 8 透明
  • iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 8 Plus 透明
  • Iphone7/ Iphone8 流沙銀
  • Iphone7/ Iphone8 流沙玫瑰金
  • Iphone7 plus / Iphone8 plus 流沙銀
  • Iphone7 plus / Iphone8 plus 流沙玫瑰金
  • iPhone 6/6s 透明
  • iPhone 6 plus/ 6S plus 透明

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亞洲獨家首波引進! 限時 體驗價

原價$1080元     部分款式 單一優惠 $599元    

(BAKER STREET保留隨時更改活動期間的權利)

Best seller in UK and America!

Baker Street was originally started from a market in London, UK. It was formed and designed by a group of Alpaca-fascinated artists. Gradually, they established their own style and unique taste in fashion. Every design is authentic and hand drawn, which is then printed on with great details and craftsmanship. In order to uphold the quality of our products, and, more importantly, to hold our end of the promise as a company; we use European eco-friendly ink, as we deeply believe that fashion should not come with the price of our environment.